Braithwaite & sons



We offer National and International repatriation services.

We offer a variety of services these include document processing, flight booking, preparation of the deceased for international repatriation and liaison with the Funeral Directors at the end of the Journey.

We act in a speedy and efficient manner to ensure your loved one arrives at there final resting place as soon as possible. Flights can be booked immediately after the completion of all documentation for repatriations.

Our expertise enables us to organise the best possible airline connections, bearing in mind the respect required in dealing with Human remains whilst adhering to all procedures and formalities.

In addition, our services include the following:
  • Full International Repatriation services to and from any country in the world 
  • Advice on all Repatriation documentation and coffin requirements 
  • Documentation delivery service for Embassies & Consulate
  • Translation services for official documents, i.e. death certificates, invoices & reports. 
  • Freight booking services 
  • Collection and delivery service throughout the UK 24 hrs per day, 7 days week
  • Unsealing the repatriation coffin and removing the metal lining
  • A range of coffins conforming to international shipping regulations (zinc lined, air-trays, Italian and French coffins)
  • Embalming services suitable for all deceased people returning to tropical climates